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Promotional Offers & Discount Coupons

Promotional Offers

a) From time to time, we may provide promotional offers on a number of Products on the Website. All promotional offers will be offered at our sole discretion, and are subject to variation and/or withdraw at any time, and without notice.
b) Please note that promotional offers cannot be applied to previously purchased Products, and are subject to limitations on the number of Products you can purchase, or a minimum value of order placed.

Discount Coupons

a) If Kiss & Kids has provided you with a unique discount coupon text code (“Discount Coupon”) to be redeemed against orders of Products from the Website, you must redeem the Discount Coupon by entering the text code it contains at the appropriate section during the checkout process for the discount to apply.
b) Each Discount Coupon can only be used per single order of Products and may not be applied in conjunction with any promotional offers or discounts, unless otherwise specified.
c) Discount Coupons must be redeemed within three months of being issued. After expiry of the three-month period, you will not be able to use the Discount Coupon. Kiss & Kids will not replace any expired Discount Coupons.